Fussballtraining (2 übungen passing)

The fastest player is not the one who runs fast, but he who thinks and looks fast (and executes fast ;-) ) First touch is the most important one in soccer. Players have to look for space with their first touch, passing into space, dribbling into space...

In Belgium, where I come from, the vision/space training method, with accent on first touch, is becoming more and more popular amongst coaches.

Here you have two great and simple drills used in this method:



Focus here is on: playing in 1-2 touches, oriented control, precise and fast passing & looking over the ball. And... the ball has to roll all the time ;-)

Adapt distances and intensity to the age of the players, but U10 to U13 are the best ages to use these two drills. Make you own variations: add f.e. a 1vs1 at the end.
Cones indicate passing and running lines. Remove them after a while.

In the first drill f.e. the little triangle marked with cones is a space where the player receives the bal, but (simulation ;-) ) is immediately put under pressure by the adversary. With one touch he gets out of the pressure and plays the ball to the other side (where the space is ;-) )

Try this in your own training and have a look at my YT channel with more drills : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyToGBjScRDydvGprS-nYFA?view_as=subscriber

I'll be posting them also here on a regular base.