Aslanlar GS - Galatasaray Istanbul 07/08


Gibt es hier Leute, die den türkischen Fussball verfolgen?

Falls ja möchte ich diese herzlich einladen sich hier über Galatasaray Istanbul zu unterhalten.

Bei wikipedia habe ich folgendes gefunden:

Cim Bom (Aussprache: dschimm bomm; Betonung auf Bom, wobei hier die Herkunft dieses Slogans nicht ganz klar ist; siehe weiter unten)

Weiß hier jemand was dieser Slogan bedeutet? :gruebel:
CimBom is the nickname of Galatasaray. Nobody exactly knows the origine of this word. But there are some urban legends :

1. In the past, there was an American or English boxer, whose name was Jim and who played for Galatasaray sports club. To support him and to give him motivation, the fans were singing something like "Jim Bom Bom". And this became CimBom.

2. A player of Galatasaray went in Switzerland and came back a few years later. In the team where he played in Switzerland, the fans used to say songs like "Cimbom, Cimbom". When he went back to Turkey, he brought with him this word and this became the nickname of Galatasaray.

3. In front of the Galatasaray College, girls were selling sweets. Because they didn't speak Turkish very well, they were mixing Turkish and French. To speak from sweets, they use a word maybe inspired for French like "jelibom". The word would have been modified and became Cimbom...

4. On an early school trip of the Galatasaray High School to Switzerland the students learned a Swiss football song with the name "Jim, Bom, Bom" and took it back with them to Istanbul. The song stayed with the team to this day and earned them their famous nickname, Cim Bom.

Actually, they are maybe more legends, and nobody can know exactly the story of CimBom. But it is the property of all legends (like Galatasaray) to have a mistery in their history.

such dir eines aus ich hoffe du kannst englisch:D

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